I'm proud of myself

Dejo aquí mi ensayo del curso de literatura que estoy tomando y los comentarios de mis queridos compañeros que me llenan de orgullo. La lectura fue Luz de Agosto de Willia Faulkner, historia altamente recomendable.

I'm a 45 years old. I was born in 1967 and all my life I has been free. I'm free to decide what to do, I'm free to study whatever I want, I'm free to be maried or separate or single. I'm free to educate my son alone or with somebody.

When I begin to read "Light in August", I was expecting a story of the discrimination of the color people in the US, but I confese, I don't know this kind of topic.

But I know about discrimination not because the color o my skind, or the social class I born, or because I don't have a good intelectual education.

I have live the discrimination to be a woman.

Even in this century, there are women who are hit just because they are women. In the story there is the big part of racism when the man is black but all around respect him because he don't look like a black man. He looks white, his clouthes are for a white man, he acts like a white.

But in the story, all the women are women, black women, white women, young women, old women. All of them are hit women because the man don't know them, because they can say "I love you" and they think It's because of the woman, not the man to fear.

The man is fear of the woman and the word "bitch" is the only way to defend the need for the woman to be loved.

I know the story is about racism and discrimination, but behind the men, there are a lot of women in the story living this offenses but the most tragic is that now a days, there are women living this kind of offenses and the things are not changing. The color people, the homosexual people, the minorities are making changes in the way they like to be treated, but the women, in many cases, they think there are no change, because it is and has been all the time.

Y los comentarios agradecidos:

peer 1 → Clear enough explained, but the author could have spend some more words about the argument.

peer 2 → I'm very impressed how you wrote this paper from the women in the story point of view. You wrote it as one of the characters of that time who has traveled to this century and has noticed nothing has changed for women. You are right. We must make a stand for our daughters and granddaughters. Great work.

peer 3 → I agree with your worries about all these types of oppression. As for your essay, I would advise you to add one or two examples from the text (quotes) to support your argument. That would have improved your essay.


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